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Verlieskaarten are a series of cards to comfort and give room to loss. Not just a card for the traditional condolence card moment, but also cards before a loss or for years later. They are cards not only for death, but also for all kinds of losses such as a relationship ending or the loss of health.
(from the website verlieskaarten.nl)

Verlieskunst is a initiative from Babet Twinkel and Marlon Doomen


Hard//hoofd is a online platform filled with interesting stories, news, poetry and other art.

I made a couple of illustrations for hard//hoofd. Follow the link to see them all. 

Kunstkaping 2020
In de summer of 2020 I worked with other illustrators and writers to make a zine in the kunsthal of Gent.
This are the two illustrations I made for the stories of Mingtje Wang and Thibault Coigniez. 

The poem is written by Mingtje Wang.