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Picture this 2019
In 2019 I was one of the three winners of the ‘Picture This’ competition. 

Jury report
Aida de Jong tell a relevant and contemporary story. In her illustrations she convincinly depicts the pollution of the sea, the threat posed to animals, but also the opportunity to do something about it. With seemingly simple shapes with an eye for many comical details, the theme does not become too heavy but is cast in an optimistic light 

About Picture this

Picture This! is an initiative of publishing house Lemniscaat and the International Center for the Picture Book in Society (GB). This illustration competition is supported by the publishers Lemniscaat (NL), Protea (ZA), Walker Books (GB) and Kaléidoscope (FR), and the Burg Wissem Bilderbuch Museum (DE) and the International Center for the Picture Book in Society (GB) .

Bergreus Grüm
Concept art for a story I came up with when I was on holiday in Switzerland.  About a girl who finds some rocks who seem to.. move. And also snore a little bit. 

Argus zoekt een huis
Concept art for a picture book about a little hermit crab trying to find a new home. 
A story about nog using more than you need.

For the book ‘heldinnen’, written by Janny van der Molen, I made two illustrations about important and inspiring woman in history. 

You can order the book here